Old Post Office, Revisited

I realized recently I really hadn’t taken any good photographs of the Old Post Office ever, so I took a trip down late in the afternoon on a Saturday. The light was a little weird, but they turned out OK.  

Chemical Building from Across Olive

I went to a panel discussion in the Laclede Gas Building, and took the opportunity to take some pictures of the Chemical Building across the street. The contrast with the Old Post Office creates one of my favorite street corners in the city.

3,500th Post: Could We Please Just Stop Building Crap?

So it’s been over a decade since the Century Building has been torn down, and the 9th Street Garage, built in its place, has managed not to collapse in that time period. A friend of mine, who worked on the garage, said it was not built properly and had to be repaired during construction. They…

Post Office Eagle

Update: See two other posts with photographs of the Old Post Office sculpture from July of 2009 here and here.

Old Post Office

The Old Post Office can never seem to get a break. Designed in a style of architecture that was once reviled and now celebrated, downtown planners have had a tenuous relationship with the massive building in the center of the downtown. Once slated for demolition, then renovated into a failed mall back in the absurdly…

Old Blog Post

I found this old post from my other blog, and it’s kind of funny to see my attitude about different parts of St. Louis fromtwoten years ago. Update: This view of St. Louis is extremely out of date, written from the standpoint of still living on the East Coast. My attitudes have changed dramatically. Downtown…