The Louvre

I get a good laugh out of the Louvre. It is an absurdity. Obscenely huge, the product of around twenty expansions and now the home of a gigantic museum with a stellar art collection as well as numerous other institutions in other wings, the Louvre was never the seat of the royal government in France….

Twin Silos

The question arose when we viewed the entrance gateway to this new development: was the name obtained a priori or a posteriori?

Around the Gates, University City

The sun was setting as I took some pictures of the gates to University Heights, just to the west of the Loop. The lions are actually concrete casts of the originals, which are now in an undisclosed location. I still think University City’s city hall is one of the most beautiful in the area. Update:…

Vandeventer Place Gates, Revisited Yet Again, December 2019

I was drawn back on a late December day to the Vandeventer Place gates in Forest Park. I’ve photographed them twice before, once back in 2012, and for the first time back in 2007, when this website was less than a year old. Every time I go back I see something new, and something beautiful.

Kingsbury Place Gates, Revisited

I took a look at the massive gates of Kingsbury Place back in October of 2014, and I returned and photographed them in early June of 2019. They are spectacular, and probably one of my favorite gates of all the private places in St. Louis.

La Hacienda

La Hacienda subdivision was laid out in the early 1930s, and the housing stock ranges from then to the 1950s. It is a unique blend of many different types of houses, from the Spanish Revival, like its gates, to the Tudor Revival. The Prado is the main boulevard entrance off of Ladue Road, just west…

Two South County Cemeteries, Revisited

I went back by Father Dickson Cemetery, a historic African American cemetery off of Sappington Road, which I visited back in 2015 for a story for St. Louis Magazine. It still looks great, and is a model for maintaining a historic burial place. I also went back St. Paul Cemetery, off of Rock Hill Road,…

The Basilica and Postern Gate of Saint Ambrose, Milan

Update: See a church in St. Louis based off architecture such as St. Ambrose’s. Here is the church of St. Ambrose in St. Louis. Located on the southwestern edge of the historic core of Milan, the Basilica of Saint Ambrose has foundations that go back to one of the Four Doctors of the Roman Catholic…

St. Peter’s Cemetery

Behind these elegant gates is a cemetery of much greater size than I had realized. You can read about its history here; it was originally by the Lemp Brewery, but moved out here for more land. The rolling hills are typical of this area, out along the major rail line. This cool bridge is a…