St. Gabriel Archangel Roman Catholic Church

I almost missed St. Gabriel the Archangel Roman Catholic Church, which sits on the north side of Francis Park in the St. Louis Hills neighborhood. It is one of a series of churches designed by A.F. and Arthur Stauder, along with at least St. Stephen Protomartyr and St. Joan of Arc. The parish has an…

St. Raphael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church

St. Raphael the Archangel, located at the complex intersection of several streets in the southwest side of St. Louis, is difficult to photograph due to all of the mature trees that surround the church. Like the temple of the Erechtheion on the Acropolis in Athens, and the former St. John’s Methodist at Holy Corners in…

St. Mary Magdalene Roman Catholic Church

St. Mary Magdalene represents that moment in St. Louis architecture when revival styles, such as the Gothic Revival, were giving way to Modernism, but the old had not yet completely faded away. It’s an interesting church, with straight, severe lines. The nave is more traditional, restrained Gothic, but the front faade has given way to…

The Vanished Theaters of Gravois Avenue

There used to be so many more theaters in St. Louis, and they’ve mostly been demolished. Take the Granada, seen above, and then look below, where the theater and its entrance have been removed and turned into a parking lot for the apartment building that originally attached to the theater. It was fairly common for…

Ziegenhein Funeral Home

Logically, many funeral homes are located across the street from major churches or cemeteries, such as the Ziegenhein Funeral Home. I photographed it before back in 2016.

Double Apartment Buildings, Princeton Heights

I find the architecture of St. Louis interesting in how easily adaptable it is. Add another floor, double it in size or just build it right next to another building to make it look bigger. But there are always little building blocks being used.

Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church

Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church is one of the best examples of an Early Christian Basilica-inspired church in St. Louis. It sits in that belt of tan brick churches the Archdiocese built in the early decades of the Twentieth Century. It has a broad arcaded narthex in the front, with a set back…

South Kingshighway Houses, Princeton Heights

There is a strange but interesting mix of houses lining Kingshigway, which doesn’t seem like was intended to be a major artery when these homes were built. Interestingly, there are many brick Arts and Crafts Style houses in this city, including the one below–they’re usually sheathed in stucco and half timber. Then there’s this ranches…

Streamline Modern Apartment Building

Obscured by tress, but yet still a striking building, this group of apartments feature streamline modern details such as glass block windows, buff brick and a simplified ornamental profile. The curved windows anchor the corner of the building, which is really just a group of six-family flats built right next to each other.

Old Gardenville Elementary School

More Tudor Revival splendor at the intersection of Kingshighway and Gravois, at the old Ittner-Milligan school that is now a charter school. The building is shaped like a cursive letter V, and uses the odd shaped plot of land in its design. Update: Added historic photograph of the school in July of 2020.