The Sheep House, Rural Pike County

The owners of this property have moved next door to a modern house, and left the original homestead standing. The sheep, and possibly a few goats in the far background, have now moved in. Down the road is the barn.

Bowling Green, Pike County

Constructed in 1917, the Pike County courthouse sits in the middle of the square in downtown Bowling Green. There is a veterans’ memorial on the southwest corner of the building. It’s in a reserved Beaux-Arts style, typical of the time. Apparently Champ Clark, Speaker of the House served from this part of the state. You…

Main Street, Louisiana, Missouri

The beautiful architecture continues, and quiet descends on Main Street, one block east of Third Street (seriously, the lack of mufflers on the trucks in Louisiana is a serious detractor from quality of life). Above, there’s a Gothic Revival cottage, and below there’s a rare Italianate villa with its tower placed on the front facade….

Third Street, Louisiana, Missouri

Third Street is the main north-south corridor in Louisiana, Missouri, heading up to the bridge that crosses over the Mississippi River. The bridge was actually just replaced in the last year or so, and recently removed. Third Street rises dramatically up the hill towards the bridge (which has no western approaches since the bluff is…