From the Vault: Marion County Courthouse, Palmyra

My family had stopped to get gas in early July of 2008 in downtown Palmyra, and we had seen the amazing Marian County Courthouse, so that is why I came back. Why I never posted these pictures is unknown to me. There are so many courthouses in the Midwest that are similar in form to…

From the Vault: Downtown Palmyra

Downtown Palmyra is typical of many small county seats: an abundance of Italianate storefronts of about two stories high that were built in clusters so they create a “street wall” along Main Street. What is fun to see is how buildings, built at the same time or within the same decade, have taken on lives…

From the Vault: South Main Street, Palmyra

Heading south down the Mississippi River, I realized that I had never posted all of my photographs of Palmyra from July of 2008, having only done one post on the churches of the county seat of Marion County. But it’s an interesting town, so here they are now; first we’ll look at the houses on…

Palmyra Churches

Updated August of 2020 with names of churches. The church above is the First Christian Church, Disciples of Christ; below is St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church. Below, this is the First Baptist Church of Palmyra. I am intrigued by the architecture of this building, as it almost looks like a synagogue in its Orientalist influences….

Palmyra, Missouri

Update: See morehereand finally here are better photos of the courthouse, twelve years after they were originally taken. Palmyra deserves more attention in the future.