Peter A. Beachy House, Oak Park

Actually a remodel of a Gothic Revival cottage, Frank Lloyd Wright’s plans for the house completely redefines the original house. Wright’s trip to Japan and its influence on him shows up in the elements of this house, such as in the window treatments and the contrasting dark brown beams with yellow walls.

Laura Gale House, Oak Park

Wright wasn’t supposed to be designing houses on the side, but he did anyway. This is one of them, a great example of a small Wright composition sitting on a quiet dead-end street in the middle of the street grid.

Unity Temple, Oak Park

Revolutionizing the field of architecture, the Unity Temple in Oak Park is one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most important commissions. Rejecting historical revival styles, Wright creates one of the first modernist buildings in the world.

Arthur Heurtley House

One of the earliest examples of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie School, the Heurtley House has a hulking, low presence on a broad, treeless yard.

Nathan G. Moore House, Oak Park

A fascinating mix of Tudor Revival and Wright’s distinctive style, this house has had two iterations: the first, more pure Tudor Revival house, and the second, more distinctively Wright decorative redesign after a fire. It’s interesting in that Wright chafed under the original design he created, and obviously saw some vindication when he was allowed…

Frank Lloyd Wright Studio, Oak Park

The Frank Lloyd Wright Studio and Home was so expensive that I didn’t have the money to go in. That’s too bad, as I’m sure people of all economic levels deserve to see it. I guess art history is becoming the realm of the elite and wealthy. Well, enjoy these pictures of the outside.

First Haymarket Monument, Chicago

For generations, the Haymarket Riot was commemorated in Chicago in a memorial to the police officers. After years of being attacked, blown up, and otherwise vandalized, it was replaced with the current memorial, which memorializes the workers executed after the riot. The old statue sits safely behind a barricade outside of Chicago’s police headquarters in…