4,000th Post

3,999 posts ago, I started this website, back in May of 2007 (the twelfth anniversary is coming up in a couple of months), and while technically a few posts have been deleted for various reasons due to redundancy, or whatnot, I thought it might be interesting to check in on what has happened to the…

Chemical Building from Across Olive

I went to a panel discussion in the Laclede Gas Building, and took the opportunity to take some pictures of the Chemical Building across the street. The contrast with the Old Post Office creates one of my favorite street corners in the city.

Chemical Building #4

I never get tired of the Chemical Building, which is easily one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in downtown. I’ve come back to it on multiple occasions, and this time, as the sun set a few weeks ago, it was looking as good as ever.

Chemical Building #2

I never get tired of the Chemical Building, with its thousand windows. I hope someday it will find an owner who has the money to renovate it. At least we can hopefully not have to worry if the building will be torn down. I hope we’re over that failed policy in downtown St. Louis.

Downtown Views

Update: Pyramid Companies went bankrupt, but the buildings renovation by a new company was completed in September 2015.

Old Blog Post

I found this old post from my other blog, and it’s kind of funny to see my attitude about different parts of St. Louis fromtwoten years ago. Update: This view of St. Louis is extremely out of date, written from the standpoint of still living on the East Coast. My attitudes have changed dramatically. Downtown…