Former Clifton Heights Public School

I knew there was something up with this building, which is now the headquarters of the Service Employees International Union. It clearly had been a much older structure with a Modernist update in the central portal. Sitting on Clifton Avenue, which apparently used to be Old Manchester Road, this was Clifton Heights Elementary School, and…

Clifton Heights, Revisited

Clifton Heights is one of the most beautiful, and hidden neighborhoods in the city. It’s worth checking out if you’ve never been. I made it back one evening, as the light was failing, and remembered how well Julius Pitzman’s adaptation of the natural rolling hills turned out.

Simpson Terrace, Clifton Heights

Here and there, tucked away off of quiet streets, are little lanes with just a few houses. Clifton Heights, designed by Julius Pitzman, was a planned suburb, laid out over steep hills with winding streets. And it seems, in a couple of places, there was a little bit of land left over for Simpson Terrace.

Incline Bricks, Clifton Heights

I saw these bricks on a steeply inclined street in Clifton Heights, and I realized they have little treads in them, no doubt to give traction for vehicles. Very unique, and I have never seen them before.

Clifton Heights Houses

The wide variety of housing stock in the Clifton Heights neighborhood is fascinating, particularly because so many houses are built of wood, and not brick or stone. The houses look like something you would see in Kirkwood or Webster Groves, with large lots and even original garages behind many of the houses. My favorite house…

Clifton Heights Streetscapes

Update: Learn more about Julius Pitzman, who designed Clifton Heights, in this article. The gently curving streets of Clifton Heights offer a panorama of vistas as one walks down its streets. While walking past some houses, you might see a break in the trees and glimpse Barnes Hospital off in the distance. Below, a couple…

Clifton Heights Park

I don’t know why it took so long to get out to the Clifton Heights neighborhood, but I’m glad I did. It is a stunning example of a Victorian suburban development, complete with ducks and winding paths that snake around the pond. Even more interesting, it has a large collection of wood frame houses from…