Merchants Bridge, Under Reconstruction

The venerable Merchants Bridge, which was built in 1890 and is the second oldest crossing at St. Louis, is being replaced by a new span which is using portions of the original. The original granite bridge piers, which are four in number, are being encased in concrete to repair scouring that occurred from 131 years…

North Broadway, Near and Far North Riverfront, Summer 2019

North Broadway never ceases to fascinate me. As usual, I refer to it as a street, and also an area. For example, the above and following two photos are on or around Holly Avenue. The image of east of Broadway, if you have one, is usually one of warehouses, factories, or sadly, abandonment. It is…

Horses, Far North Riverfront

The Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing celebration a couple of weeks ago included some horses, which waited patiently on the banks of the Mississippi.

Grain Elevators and Railroad Tracks

The riverfront in St. Louis is still very much an active and bustling industrial area. Grain trucks rumble by, and trains cross the area on bridges and tracks. Corn kernals line the gutters, as the cargo of trucks spills on its way to the grain elevator.

Merchants’ Bridge

Update: The bridge is being replaced with new trusses and renovated piers. The Merchants’ Bridge emerges from the undergrowth on the Far North Riverfront. It is a very old bridge, built only slightly more than a decade after the much more famous Eads Bridge. The McKinley Bridge is just to the south. Opened in 1889,…

Chain of Rocks Bridge Abstractions

Update: See earlier photographs of the Chain of Rocks Bridge from 2009, 2010 and 2015. Also, see pictures of the two water intake towers below the bridge here from 2010.

Mississippi River, South of the Chain of Rocks

Update: See newer pictures of the Chain of Rocks Bridge here. Since the construction of the Chain of Rocks Canal, the stretch of Mississippi River between the entrances of that canal is the longest portion of the navigable channel without barge or large boat traffic. It is sublimely beautiful, and worth seeing in person on a…