Looking Out the Windows of the Alverne

It’s hard to believe considering how long suffering the Alverne Building was, that I was able to stand on the top floor recently and deliver a lecture. It’s now renovated into some interesting apartments, including some two-story ones, and the problem with the building having some small windows that couldn’t be altered in order to…

4,000th Post

3,999 posts ago, I started this website, back in May of 2007 (the twelfth anniversary is coming up in a couple of months), and while technically a few posts have been deleted for various reasons due to redundancy, or whatnot, I thought it might be interesting to check in on what has happened to the…

Syndicate Trust Building, Mid-November, Sunset

Easily one of the largest and tallest of downtown’s historic core, the Syndicate Trust is one of my favorite buildings in the city. Restored several years ago, it looks ready for another one hundred years.

Downtown Mid Afternoon, December 2013

I walked around downtown and took some pictures as sunlight reflected off of the windows of buildings onto their neighbors. It creates an interesting effect.

Downtown Views

Update: Pyramid Companies went bankrupt, but the buildings renovation by a new company was completed in September 2015.

Interior Courtyard of Syndicate Trust Building

The Syndicate Trust, now completely renovated into condos on the upper floors and apartments on the lower floors, boasts two courtyards that bring light into the interior of the building. Sadly, the Century Building, the Syndicate’s conjoined neighbor, could have easily been renovated along with its taller blockmate. But that was not to be, and…