The Louvre

I get a good laugh out of the Louvre. It is an absurdity. Obscenely huge, the product of around twenty expansions and now the home of a gigantic museum with a stellar art collection as well as numerous other institutions in other wings, the Louvre was never the seat of the royal government in France….

Back from Paris and Northern France with over a Thousand Photographs

While certainly I wanted to show off the beauty of Dutchtown for two weeks, that was also cover for the fact I was traveling in Europe for over a week, specifically in Paris and throughout northern France. I took over 1,000 photos, which is slacking off a bit considering I took over 2,400 photos back…

South Broadway Houses, Revisited

I realized it had been a while since I had photographed these very old houses facing South Broadway just south of the Lemp Brewery. The house on the left above has been reoccupied, thankfully. While the old tavern in the middle still seems to be in operation. Sadly, thee building on the northern end suffered…

Independence Mental Health Institute, Revisited

I thought the photos of the impressive Second Empire expanse of the Independence State Hospital were too cloudy, so we went back on a bright sunny day to get better photos. See the original post from July of 2021 for more original historical photos and plans on this Kirkbride plan institution.

Northside Regeneration and the Future of North St. Louis

Heading east on St. Louis Avenue just east of Garrison, I spotted a strange sight: a pair of houses that I was sure were going to be demolished (fifth and sixth photos down; like all of their neighbors, which I’ve documented over the last decade) are undergoing a massive renovation. My, how times have changed….

Penrose, July 2022, Part Three, Anderson Avenue and Environs

Like St. Louis Hills or North Pointe, the housing styles continue to vary from Cape Cods to even very simple versions of the Colonial Revival. The streets are quiet and there were only people mowing and tending their garden when I went by in the morning. And of course, there are large number of Gingerbread…