Old Laclede Gas Building

Built in 1911 according to the designs of the famous Mauran, Russell & Crowell, the old Laclede Gas Building is not the largest historic building in downtown, but its use of terracotta, and tan brick give it a nice appearance.

Laclede Gas Building

Is the Laclede Gas Building really an historic building? I would argue yes, as it represents a moment in architectural history when the theories of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier were reigning supreme around the world. The building represents St. Louis’s response to the Mies van der Rohe’s Seagram Building (now impotently…

Looking Up

Renovation of the Arcade Building was completed in 2015.

Old Blog Post

I found this old post from my other blog, and it’s kind of funny to see my attitude about different parts of St. Louis fromtwoten years ago. Update: This view of St. Louis is extremely out of date, written from the standpoint of still living on the East Coast. My attitudes have changed dramatically. Downtown…

Laclede Gas Building

The large black Modernist skyscraper in this picture is the Laclede Gas Building. While it dates to several decades after the building of the historic skyscrapers in its midst, I have to admit that the building sort of fits wells with the older buildings. Ironically, someday the Laclede Gas Building will be an historic structure,…