Bellefontaine Cemetery, Late November 2022

I realized it had been some time since I had photographed Bellefontaine Cemetery, so I snapped some late November views that were new or ones that I had not taken in a long time.

Bellefontaine Cemetery, The Last Snow

I snapped these photos the last time it snowed in St. Louis back when it was just pretty and not a complete and total nightmare like this most recent snowstorm. I’m experimenting around with a new function which is a gallery; as has always been the case you can click on any photo to see…

Bellefontaine Cemetery in the Autumn of 2021

These photos are totally overexposed, but I still wanted to show some of the fall color from a drive around Bellefontaine Cemetery, revealing these views of the leaves changing on the trees.

Light and Shadow, Reflections on the Water, Bellefontaine Cemetery

The new mausoleum at Bellefontaine Cemetery has a series of windows and staircases that lead to different vistas and views, allowing the visitor to see the lake to the north, or other parts of the cemetery from inside the building. The white granite contrasts with the blue and green of the natural world outside the…

Colored Light and Reflections, Bellefontaine Cemetery

There is a new mausoleum at Bellefontaine Cemetery, whose owners wish to remain anonymous until the first interment. All cemetery staff and contractors who worked on the project are sworn to secrecy, but we can tell the famed firm of Emil Frei & Associates designed and produced the beautiful stained glass windows that were commissioned…

Details, Busch Mausoleum

I’ve done details of the Wainwright and Lemp mausolea in the past, so I turned to the Busch Mausoleum next. The famous phrase by Gaius Julius Caesair, Veni, Vedi, Vici, was spoken after his defeat of Pharnaces II of Pontus, not during the conquest of Gaul, as is commonly misunderstood.

Around the Benton and Hoppe Graves, Bellefontaine Cemetery

Around the Hoppe and Benton graves there are some other very old and interesting family plots that I had never seen before, so I grabbed some quick photos. I also went around and photographed some of the parts of the cemetery that I frequently visit, as well. I never noticed that this family plot below…

Hoppe Family Plot, Bellefontaine Cemetery

I’ve looked at the Feickert Family Plot before, which is right next to the Adam Lemp Family Plot in Bellefontaine Cemetery (they bought them both on the same day, years before their children William and Julia were married). Of course, William J. Lemp Sr. moved his in-laws, Jacob and Elizabeth to his mausoleum, so the…

Bellefontaine Cemetery, Nighttime

Jason Gray and I were recently given the opportunity to do some late afternoon and evening night photography at Bellefontaine Cemetery. Here are some of my shots. Jason did many more and better photographs that you’ll see in the future.