Lafayette Avenue Between Michigan and Louisiana Avenues, South Side

I looked at the north side of Lafayette Avenue way back in June of 2018, remarking on how this thoroughfare was surely far more important before the devastation of the interstates. There’s been substantial reinvestment and rebuilding just in the last thirteen years I’ve lived to the south in Tower Grove East, and the light…

East of Saint Louis University Hospital, In Transition

I was worried about the blocks east of Grand Boulevard and the SLU medical campus that I include in the Tiffany neighborhood, but is really part of the greater Compton Hill area, a richly historic African American community. SLU had been buying up huge swaths of land and combining the parcels into superblocks, and I…

Former Harris Teachers College

Normal schools, where teachers were trained to teach in primary school education, were located throughout the State of Missouri. My own alma mater, Truman State, was long a teachers college. Harris Teachers College, built according to plans by William B. Ittner in 1905, was the location of the white teachers’ college in St. Louis. The…

Wyman Elementary School

Designed by William B. Ittner and built in 1901, Wyman Elementary School sits on a quiet dead end block of Theresa Avenue south of Park Avenue, just east of Grand Boulevard and Gallaudet School. Despite the installation of some extremely ugly front doors, the building is in good shape and still functions as a part…

Old United Railways Barn

Still standing, and with nothing happening on the property behind it, the remnants of the old streetcar repair barn sits, forgotten.

Tracks Around 39th Street

There used to be a huge streetcar depot around 39th Street. It’s all mostly demolished now, but tracks still survive. Also, due to the advanced state of dilapidation and my ignorance of the difference between railroad and streetcar trackage, there might be different types in this area. It is sad to think that there was…

3600 Block of McRee Avenue, Part 2

More beautiful homes line McRee Avenue; I am fascinated how this little pocket of completely occupied houses survives surrounded by major streets and an interstate.

3600 Block of McRee Avenue, Part 1

The street is blocked off, but the renovations of apartments along McRee are welcomed. Large houses, like one would expect to see in Shaw to the south, are also prevalent.

3621 McRee Avenue

I’d spied this beautiful house years ago, and I finally got the chance to see it up close. It is a fascinating mix of two different colored rusticated cut stone front facade, with gray and red colors complementing each other. A certain Louis Richter, who served in World War I, lived in this house.