Eastern Quarry, Pacific

Further east, there is another giant quarry hollowed out of the earth. The large swath of flat land out in front of the quarry holes has been rezoned as an industrial park. I would assume this land was once the staged ground for the quarries behind.

Western Quarry, Pacific

I never expected to see these incredible quarries hollowed out of the rock face on the western side of Pacific. They are the standard type I see around the region; the mountain is shaved off, and then tunnels are carved into the mountains. I would love to learn more about these huge excavations.

Downtown Pacific

I had never made it to downtown Pacific before, but it is very well preserved, and has some nice buildings. The opera house is built in an interesting, eclectic style, and is not something I have seen exactly in St. Louis. But these buildings, above and below, could easily be in St. Louis. This double…

Resurrection Hill Cemetery

Resurrection Hill Cemetery, an African-American burial ground, is tucked on hilly ground just north of I-44 on route OO. The road to the cemetery swoops up an incline, where there is a small parking lot. I-44 is in the background.

Pacific Cemetery

Update: On July 29th, the vast majority of the stones were fixed by the amazing Franklin County Cemetery Society. Read my original article here. The City of Pacific’s cemetery was vandalized back in the winter.

Fisher Cave, Meramec State Park

I’ve always been fascinated by the industry that occurred out in the countryside back in the day. The harvesting of guano, for the manufacturing of gunpowder, logically took place in caverns, and many subterranean spaces with active bat populations were located far from urban centers. Fisher Cave, in Meramec State Park, is one such site….


Labadie, not far from the county line in Franklin County, is worth a visit.† Still largely intact as a small town that dot Missouri, there are a few shops on the main street fronting the railroad tracks. I find this Carpenter Gothic, similar to several in St. Louis with its three matching gables, to be…