End of Summer Odds and Ends

I first would like to invite readers out to my free lecture on the history of the Lemp Brewery tomorrow, at 11:00 AM, September 20, 2022 at the Missouri History Museum. Its architecture was born out of the designs of highly influential architects Edmund Jungenfeld; Theodore Krausch; Widman, Walsh and Boisselier; and Guy Tyler Norton. I will be…

New Google Map

I have been working on creating an interactive map on Google Maps. You can find it here. I have begun to map out each neighborhood in the city, and hopefully some day it will provide a link to pictures of the area in question. Feel free to explore my map of St. Louis’s neighborhoods (a…

Old North St. Louis Map

I love this map because you can still see the curved property lines of the two other circular parks that once graced Old North St. Louis. Now only one remains.

New This Year

Update: The “new” website never happened, but the blog here has undergone revisions over the years. This year I am launching my own website that will feature most of the material I’ve posted here, and dozens of extra shots that didn’t make the cut for St. Louis Patina’s photo essays. I was also excited to…

Historic St. Louis County Map

This is a link to a fascinating map of St. Louis County in the 1860’s. What is amazing is how pretty much every road we know today was already there over 150 years ago. Update: This is a new link, as the old link to an earlier edition no longer exists on the internet.