1. Indeed a beautiful church – quick look at the website, sad to report – Emmaus held a final Divine Service on September 3, 2017
    And Chris thank you so much for the time, effort, energy you put into the blog – I look forward to it everyday.

    • Oh no! I didn’t notice that. So sad to hear there is now another abandoned neighborhood landmark.

      • It will be being maintained by local Lutheran Congregations, and hopefully reopened in a few years. No need to worry about the building falling into disrepair.

        • That’s great news! I was happy when the old school was converted into a charter school, keeping that building occupied, as well.

  2. i went to the school when it was still emmaus had my first communion in that church and my first confirmation there. had many friends , wonderful teachers, and pastors, i have many precious memories i made over the yrs there! sad when the school closed yrs ago and now the church . i passed it so many times and wondered about it. when i went there they still had 2 services german and english. i have always wondered what happened to classmates of mine from yrs ago. that church showed what way to live and not live it set jesus in my heart to this day for that i will always be grateful. my home life was not the best this church and school gave me a safe place to learn and love

  3. I went to emmaus church and school on and off from the mid sixties to the early seventies. The pastor was reverend Wilson in the sixties then when I came back from Illinois reverend gross was there whom I didn’t like but I will pray for him in his misguided ideas. Mr.obermann was the school principal and I will never forget mr.sheaver. I met a lot of good people and I miss a lot of them. It’s a shame that it’s shut down but I guess progress is more important.

  4. went to 8th grade there, played basketball ,softball , an even track at that small school, it was good times, met nice kids , miss those times

  5. I grew up, confirmed, first Baptism.
    It a true sham the church was let to close, by the Mo. Synod.
    I’m very sorry.
    So many memories!

  6. I went to Emmaus Lutheran School from 1962 to 1967 when I graduates 8th grade. Mr Olbermann was principal and Pastor Wilson the Pastor. I was confirmed and baptized on 7 May 1967.
    Who is controlling the records for the Church and school? I need to get a copy of my baptismal record. I was baptized the day of confirmation on May 7 1967 by Pastor Wilson. Can anyone help?

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