Marillac College

The now-defunct Marillac College for Women trained young women to become nuns and other religious vocations.

I would imagine this was the main administration building for the college, which is graceful in its pure, simple design. The whole campus is now part of the University of Missouri, St. Louis.

Update: Below is the library, which ingeniously leans outward to protect the books from direct light.


  1. The top building was the Daughters of Charity dormitory; the bottom, as you know, is the library.

  2. How convenient was it for the library and dorm to be connected; no excuses for not studying even if the weather was bad!

  3. I attended Marillac College 1971-1973. It was a wonderful experience. I’ll never forget it. The Daughters of Charity were exceptional.

    • Thank you for writing! I am always interesting in learning more about people’s memories of institutions that are now closed.

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