Miner’s Institute Theater, Collinsville, Illinois

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I was invited over to Collinsville two Saturdays ago by Mike and Tami Springer, two residents who are working with others to restore and reopen the historic Miner’s Institute, a longtime institution in the city’s downtown.  Work is in progress to raise money to reopen the building; see the website here.  The building is already in an excellent state of preservation, but still needs some critical upgrades.  They are seeking donations to finish up the renovation, and if readers could help, that would be great.

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The exterior makes the two major functions of the building obvious; in the center is the entrance to the grand theater, and to the right is the entrance to the Miners’ Union offices on the second floor.

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The detail of the miners above the office door is one of the highlights of the building.

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The theater is spectacular, with much of the original paint scheme preserved or restored.

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Upstairs, reached from the side door, is the ballroom that was once the center of Collinsville’s social life.  Let’s help to make the building a center of the city again.

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  1. Wow – “spectacular” is not an overstatement!
    Thanks – particularly for the interior shots!

  2. The Miner’s is indeed an amazing building. I saw my sister in a play there back in 2008 and was in awe of that interior. I have heard rumors over the years about how it is going to have to be torn down, so I’m happy to hear that there are people who really want to save it. It is pretty much a jewel in Collinsville’s downtown area.

  3. In the 60’s I saw all the Elvis Presley movies there.
    Those are great memories and the pictures brought them all back.

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