U.S. Steel Building, Old Empire Brewery

Update: The building was torn down by Cortex in the spring of 2015.

On Sarah, just north of Clayton Avenue and the railroad tracks is this interesting building, decked out with some intriguing ornament.

Currently, a large metal shop sits behind the building, but it is clearly much newer than the tan brick building with wonderful neoclassical details.

The lion heads, most likely in terracotta, give this building its distinctive character. I looked around, and figured out that it was  the office for the Empire Brewery, which once sat on this site.

The tell-tale U.S. Steel logo, which is affixed above the front door and most likely is a later addition, points to the history of the building. I suspect that the famous steel company had a factory of some sort here, and the current metal shop is the descendant of the unique office building shown here.


  1. Sad they destroyed this building I just learn! Interesting history Steve I can use that since about 2 years ago I made a clay model of the Lioness roundel design.

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