1. We are so lucky to have these wonderful homes in St. Louis. Imagine what they would cost in Chicago or New York!

  2. Anytime I hear people dogging St. Louis, I want to slap them…or at least direct them to what phenomenal architectural gems that are so abundant here in St. Louis. It really is an amazing, grand old city.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed finding your photos. I used to live in St. Louis and drove through that neighborhood a few times, got kicked out once. 🙂 These homes are *spectacular* and the neighborhood is as beautiful as any I've seen anywhere. I really like St. Louis a lot, it was only the weather that drove me back north, everything else about that city was great.

  4. Every time I visit your site, I find some new fascination. It makes my heart ache for the St. Louis that was, and makes me sad for my “West County” friends that have no knowledge or interest in anything outside of “the Valley.”

    Thanks for all you do.

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