39th Street and Environs

From what I understand, many streets originally had numbers for names, indicating their distance from Main Street. But most were renamed. The houses along here are interesting, and there are a fair number of commercial properties converted to apartment. I think that is the future for many storefronts; there is just no demand for so many commercial properties anymore.

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  1. Tacoto says:

    Alpenbrau…that’s an old one.”..a favorable verdict in every case” was their slogan

  2. ben says:

    It’s a shame STL did away with numbered streets and I wonder if the E-W streets were ever alpha. Having spent a great deal of time in cities with alphabetical avenues and numbered streets running perpendicular to each other, it presents such a huge navigational benefit.

  3. Brandon R. says:

    If you look at the old Sanborn maps 39th Street was a non-contiguous extension of Vandeventer (which turned into Manchester at its intersection with Market). I wonder did they rename (or in this case, renumber) the street after they realigned the Vandeventer/Chouteau intersection. Spring also had various names along different stretches through Shaw/Tiffany once upon a time.

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