Hale Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, Main Street, Peoria, Illinois

Central Illinois 122

Update: Demolished in late August of 2022. Due to the much appreciated help of a reader, this church has been identified and the title updated.

Right at the intersection of Main and High Streets, this magnificent church sits in splendid abandonment.

Central Illinois 118

It’s strange, since it sits right at the entrance of the West Bluff Historic District.? Surely there is a use for it?? Perhaps it is tied up in litigation?

Central Illinois 123

I have a feeling a lot of the original ornamentation has been lost, but there are still lots of great details.

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  1. Mark says:

    Small world! I’m from the Peoria area.

    According to the neighbors, this is being converted into a non-profit of sorts. I forget exactly what the cause was going to be, but I think it was in hopes of creating community based jobs. I’m not sure if they are actually working on it because it did look abandoned – bricks were even falling out of the back wall.

  2. Merry Wright says:

    This was a church Holy Tab church. Due to a drunk driving ran into a light pole in front of the church and the church was set on fire. Sr Pastor Robert Criss Sr And First Lady Bertha Criss are now deceased.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      That’s terrible! When did that happen?

  3. Christopher Callen says:


    THIS structure was briefly listed upon an ‘ Endangered List ‘ in 2021. However, It was purchased shortly afterward in a somewhat complicated scenario and is in the process of being extensively rehabbed for future adaptive reuse. I would post a PJStar news link explaining the details. However, It may not allow content viewership with a subscription. Best Regards! “

  4. Ruth Powell says:

    As a kid I lived on High Street. I used to stand on the steps of that Church waiting for the school bus 50 + years ago. I was heartbroken when I read that the building had been demolished. How could you do that to a beautiful old church.

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