Abandoned Warehouse

Update: The building is still vacant.

I turned to Matt Fernandez of Old North St. Louis Restoration Group for information about the old warehouse at ?St. Louis Avenue and 13th Street:

“1225-27 St. Louis Ave was originally built around 1907 as the new manufacturing facility for Maull’s Spaghetti Co. They were bought out by Faust Pasta, which also used the building. The story goes that R&F Pasta bought Faust, but we haven’t been able to independently confirm that. It was a furniture store and warehouse in the 1970s, and has been used by printing and fulfillment companies for about the past 30 something years. This summer, a partnership of Ken Kranzberg and Old North St. Louis Restoration Group bought the building after the previous owner decided to retire and shut down his business. Our plan is to pursue a renovation of the building for apartments and possibly first floor commercial space. In the mean time, there will be some tenants occupying a portion of the space to keep the building active and cover some of the holding costs. The building is structurally solid, but is mostly raw space at this point.”

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