Above Us Only Sky: Billboards Gone From Washington Park Cemetery

In late August I went out to Washington Park Cemetery to see how it looked after Drury Displays made the wise and compassionate decision to remove the two billboards from land it purchased from a former owner. I have a lot of respect for Drury and its beautiful renovations of historic buildings in St. Louis and other cities, including San Antonio, and I was disappointed that they allowed their billboards to remain on sacred ground, regardless if “property rights” allowed them to do so. They had also hired a drunk idiot to mow their portion of the cemetery one time, that contained gravestones and burials, and he damaged dozens of them, I learned. I was shown them personally. I have read lots of misconceptions online, and the biggest one is that somehow the billboards were on land next to the cemetery. That is just not true. They were on a parcel of land with burials (many of the gravestones are damaged or sunken down so they’re hard to see in my photos) that was subdivided off from cemetery property by a financially insolvent former owner. By the way, who even looks at billboards anymore, particularly on that crazy, dangerous stretch of I-70 by the airport? I use my iPhone on road trips nowadays; I can check ratings and stop at places based off on-line reviews. Billboards are so Twentieth Century.

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  1. Elcee says:

    If you saw a row of broken headstones, those stones were damaged by heavy equipment that was clearing the southern side of the road where it’s nice and grassy and accessible now. Whoever broke them did replace them.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      True, they did replace them, but they did break them in the first place.

      1. The source says:

        You have misinformation in your article. You should have interviewed the CORRECT sources.

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