Aisle 1 Gallery, Cherokee Street

Update: The gallery closed in 2012, and the mural is now gone.

Aisle 1 Gallery, named in reference to its storefront’s former use as a corner store, is one of my favorite art galleries in the city.

Part of the burgeoning art scene on Cherokee Street, galleries like Aisle 1 are possible because the hard work of its owners, Bryan Walsh and Jenn Carter, who live and maintain studios in the back of the gallery.

Update: The mural was destroyed at some point before 2017.

Filling an empty space with life, they’ve also spread out onto nearby buildings, such as the recently painted mural?by Chicagoan Ruben Aguirre (with permission from the building owner, of course).

Come down and check out their opening this Friday at 7:00 PM.

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  1. This is completely OT, but – I noticed the tin ceiling in the gallery. I wonder – when old commercial spaces are razed or totally rehabbed, are the ceilings routinely saved? I would think that there is a ready market for them, whether for their original use or as sections used for interesting wall art (or even exterior decoration, whether painted or left to rust).Not too many are left in my Olde Towne Kirkwood, save for that of my friends at Bicycles of Kirkwood (next to Kirkwood Ice & Fuel).

  2. Chris says:

    I had some friends that bought a whole set for their kitchen on the internet.

  3. What about the two watch dogs? Keeping the art safe.

  4. Chris says:

    They were hiding under some blankets by the stove in the back.

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