An Almost Unforgivable Error

Update: The parking garage is now complete, and the Syndicate Trust has been renovated into condominiums.

The Old Post Office Square in downtown St. Louis was remarkable for its near perfect state of preservation on three of its four sides. So the logical action for St. Louis to take would be to destroy one of those three sides. If you don’t know me well, I will just say that I’m being very sarcastic. The Century Building, ironically, stood for about a century before it fell victim to idiotic and shady business dealings that called for a new parking garage right across the street from the Old Post Office. Never mind that there are a half dozen other half empty parking garages within a block or two–no, they HAD to have parking right across the street. So while the until recently attached Syndicate Trust Building becomes condominiums, the Century heads to the landfill. Never mind that they could have just as easily turned the Century into condos as well. Well, that would just be too logical. This happened almost two years ago now, and I’m still angry at Mayor Slay and more importantly at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, who actually advocated the Century Building’s destruction. Sick.

This is what we lost.

The illustrated guide of St. Louis, a new and complete guide to the city, St. Louis, Mo. Philip Roeder, 1896

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