Arcade Building, Revisited


Update: The Arcade-Wright Building was finally rehabbed in 2015.

I was planning on posting about the long vacant Arcade Building today anyway, but then came the announcement that the building will finally be renovated into apartments.


The Arcade Building is interesting in that it is one of the few large skyscrapers not in the Chicago School style of Louis Sullivan and other architects, but instead Gothic Revival, but certainly with some Chicago influences in its fenestration.


The standout feature of the exterior are these fantastic bay windows, breaking up the monotony of the external wall just above street level.


I caught the light just as it was shining against the terracotta “stone blocks” of the first floor.


The ground floor is broken up by these squat Gothic arches.


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  1. Cat Bradford says:

    Thanks for your blog… This is one of my favorite buildings downtown, and I wouldn’t be aware of its renovation without you!

  2. Ray Phillips says:

    This news makes me very happy. The Arcade building was the building that got me following preservationists blogs.

  3. Mike Vaughn says:

    Very happy to see the old Arcade Bldg. being renovated. My father had his private medical practice in that bldg. until he passed in 1975. He spent many years in that bldg. The photos bring back some great memories of my younger days.

  4. nancy cook says:

    So thrilled to see the Arcade being renovated. My fathers family, Issac T Cook Co, managed that building for many, many years. I have fond memories of picnics on the roof and private express rides in the elevators. It is a grand ol’ building.

  5. Thank you for highlighting this beautiful building — and all the other historical and stunning architectural elements of the city. The renovations are coming along great! The latest news on the project can be found at

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