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  1. Just – WOW !Dj vu all over again!A few years ago (OK – 1963) this storefront housed a Lebanese restaurant which was not quite Tony's grade but also most definitely not Uncle Bill's. Anyway, to impress a first date one Saturday, I called a day earlier for a reservation which was highly recommended by the staffer. This was for an early dinner before a movie at the Fox. And then, swave and blaze person that I was, I naturally bragged about being "just barely able to snag a table." So we two couples walked in about 5-ish – and were the only ones in the place for the almost two hours we were there… To top it off, my date asked the hostess if many other peeps call for reservations and the woman just giggled…But – the food was good and it was not my last date with the lass.And – if memory serves (oh, sure…) this corner was the location for one of the giant Vess bottles. Wonder what happened to it? the one downtown was on Gravois as well. but West at Hampton.

  2. Addendum, albeit OT… This is just a block away from the beautiful buff brick Spanish-styled (? – I ain't an architect) Kutis funeral home building from the '20s.

  3. NV says:

    I remember this building! (Logged some time in that part of town back in the '90s). Very cool

  4. This building housed a bakery when I was growing up just a couple of blocks away. I remember being sent on errands there to buy a loaf of bread and a coffee cake, similarly to trips I was sent on to the neighborhood market, drug store, hardware store, shoemaker, and delicatessen. All of these are gone now and one must drive to big box stores to get any of those services. Of course, few parents would ever allow their kids to make such errands today anyway.

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