Augusta In Transition: Locust Street Between Lower and Jefferson Streets

At one point as we walked around, an SUV full of women pulled up and asked Jeff if he knew where downtown was. He replied, “I guess this is it?” They found that response hilarious and drove off laughing. Though the intersection of Lower and Locust streets is perhaps the greatest concentration of storefronts in town, even if most are empty.

Many of the houses are very old, and on the National Register.

The street doglegs around to the northeast and heads out of town to the northeast, and is thus one of the main ways that people enter Augusta.

The building housing the Uptown Store is one of the largest commercial structures in town.

There is an interesting storefront made of pressed tin next door.

This former automobile store further west is now empty, I believe.

This building is empty, as well.

This last building is actually new, but built to look old very well.

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