Bavarian Inn, More Progress

I had been wondering why there had been no activity at the old Bavarian Inn site for a while. After sitting vacant for a long time, there had been rapid renovation work earlier in 2022.

But now, in the last couple of weeks, the new windows have shown up, and the building and renovation is starting to look great. I suspect the custom windows were taking a while to be built.

Small openings have been widened to their original size, and I can only imagine how wonderful the light will be inside for the new business that will take up the space.

The apartment building to the south down Minnesota Avenue also looks great.

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  1. Yoji says:

    Wish you would include the addresses of the buildings you photograph, Chris, so your readers could googlemaps them and check out the surrounding neighborhood for social and architectural context.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Sorry! This is at Arsenal and Minnesota.

      1. Yoji says:

        Appreciate it, Chris! No need to apologize. I’d still follow without that info — the work you’re doing is important.

        ~ Y

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