Bellefontaine Cemetery Late Spring 2020

Things are looking good around Bellefontaine Cemetery this spring, and I took the opportunity to walk around different parts of the grounds to see how the historic mausolea and tombs were doing. First up is this trio of two obelisks and a Corinthian column; compositionally they work together so well.

I headed away from there and took some pictures of a few family plots.

The bright light shining through gaps in the trees created dramatic shadows on the monuments, such as one of the branches of the Niedringhaus Family.

I found it interesting that they abbreviated the Book of Thessalonians despite having room on the register to spell out the entire word.

The Freudenstein family plot is up next. This might be Anna F. Kempf.

I’ve always really liked this next mausoleum, with this pensive woman on top of it.

I’ve photographed this monument below before, as well.

Next is an intersection with many famous people, including Christian von der Ahe, the founder of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Then there are a bunch of members of the Griesedieck Family, the brewers who founded or operated numerous plants around St. Louis. Their monuments are clustered together at this intersection.

Below is a very rare bronze statue; most are stone in cemeteries.

I think the angel on top of the Orthwein monument is supposed to represent the archangel Gabriel. Gabriel is shown wearing a crown, and there are lilies, the symbol of Gabriel at the Annunciation, sculpted alongside him.

I just liked this picturesque cluster of obelisks and broken columns below.

There are more statues surmounting columns, or close to the ground.

There are oak leaves on the monument above, and then a towering pin oak nearby. A coincidence or intentional? I do not know, because obviously oaks have long been symbols of strength and many other positive attributes.

Moving far away from the previous monuments, we arrive at the Liggett Mausoleum.

I didn’t realize I had already photographed this monument, but its Art-Deco lines and form remind me distinctly of the Empire State Building shorn of its mooring mast.

More angels, and again the form of this one below reminds me of the Archangel Gabriel arriving to announce to the Virgin Mary that she will give birth to Jesus Christ.

This is the Schaeffer family plot, I believe.

And I just finally realized that Samuel Hawken is buried in Bellefontaine.

And so is his wife.

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