Bevo Bottling Plant, Morning Light

The Anheuser-Busch Brewery never ceases to be interesting to me, and on an early Saturday morning, I captured the Bevo Bottling Plant with the sun shining on it.

The old shipping office can be seen off to the right, which I’ve also photographed before.

I looked at the bottling plant way back in February of 2011. It’s still looking good.

I also wrote an article about the Bevo Plant back on its 100th anniversary, as well as another one I can’t place right now back on its 99th anniversary.

Of course, South Broadway right is here is actually a huge viaduct with an immaculately clean tunnel underneath that leads to the old railroad platforms that have been mostly converted to truck docks.

It stretches on for probably a quarter mile?

I was given the opportunity to go on the roof of the Bevo Plant with the plant manager, and it offers a spectacular view of the city and east side of the river.

The letters in the sign are massive when you look at them from up close.

The sculptures of Bevo were actually sculpted in place, as is common with exterior decoration such as this. There was actually a little canopy constructed around the uncut stone for the sculptor to work.

I believe this was an old bank building; many brewers generated so much capital they did not need to take out loans but financed their construction themselves.

There was once an ornate entry in between the site of the future bottling plant and bank.

Richard Henry Fuhrmann, Anheuser-Busch Entry at Pestalozzi and Broadway, Missouri History Museum, P0764-00667-4a

The loading docks stretch far to the east, and beyond are the yards of the old Manufacturers’ Railroad, which was closed after acquisition by InBev, though some of the property records still have that name on the title.

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