Bingham Avenue East of Morgan Ford, Bevo

Back behind Oak Hill School, high up on the hill above the Chippewa Avenue underpass, is Bingham Avenue. There is a row of simple houses that I suspect were built up out this way a long time ago when there were clay and coal mines. The name actually come from the Bingham family, whose plantation once made up the land around this area, including where the school is now located.

It’s an interesting mix of houses.

But most of them are wood frame, alluding to them having built long before the city reached out this far.

I particularly was interested in this rare vernacular house, which was one of a pair. It is a simple house with a hipped roof at one end and a gable at the other.

Interestingly, there is actually an alley behind this street now known as Baisch Street that has an additional row of houses on it.

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