Bottling Works, Lemp Brewery

Update: The bottleworks underwent a complete renovation with a brand new roof. A medical marijuana grow farm moved into the space, bringing industry back to the building for the first time in decades. These photographs are all out of date.

The bottleworks, where presumably the bottles were filled with beer, is located on the far east corner of the triangular shaped Lemp Brewery grounds.

The building was actually only two-thirds completed, and a temporary wood wall, seen above shows where it would have continued to the southwest.

The roof is collapsing, and the sky is easily viewed by looking up through the large holes in the planking.

The staircase above leads down into the first floor, which was pitch black. I am not sure what was on the lower floor of the building.

The bottling equipment was sold long ago when the brewery became a warehouse for International Shoe Company.

It was a beautiful day to photograph the complex, as attested by this photo.

In one corner, a giant pile of presumably collapsed roof timbers sits underneath a blue tarp, protecting it from the rain.

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