Brick Theft Alive and Well in St. Louis Place

Update: The City of St. Louis cut ties with Paul McKee’s Northside in June of 2018. Everything in these pictures is now gone, destroyed by brick thieves and then demolished. I returned in December of 2009 and in April of 2010.

I was driving around up by St. Augustine, and wandered east of Parnell on Hebert Street. I had seen some brick theft victims before in this area, but I stumbled across yet another street whose destruction seems to be a foregone conclusion. Much like the two blocks of Warren and Montgomery Streets fell to theft last year, I am afraid that the same will happen on this block of Hebert.

Something about how the interior walls of houses stay standing always amazes me; these houses were built sturdy.

I thought the house below was a real stunner, but something about the weird lean of the top story confused me.

Sadly, I realized the lean was caused by the destruction of the side wall, which can be seen lying in pieces in the gangway between the houses.

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