Cadillac Square and Broderick Towers, Detroit

Originally known as the Barlum Tower, the Cadillac Square was the first office building outside New York and Chicago to reach forty stories, opening in 1927.

I’m always fascinated by the optimism of the builders; note the blank wall to the southwest. They were expecting that Detroit would continue to grow and another skyscraper or addition would soo overtake its flank.

The shorter building next door is the Cadillac Square Apartments.

When completed, the skyscraper set new limits for its height and shear size,

The two buildings’ blank walls now feature advertisements.

North up Woodward Avenue, we spot the Broderick Tower, which is actually not a square or octagon, but irregular version of both shapes due to its location on the Grand Circus Park.

Originally constructed as the Eaton Tower, it was completed in 1927 according to plans by Paul and Louis Kamper.

It’s an interesting building, and it’s missing its cornice, which was probably removed at some point due to weather damage.

This is the last skyscraper we’ll be looking at in Detroit. It was once abandoned, and apparently the third tallest skyscraper to be abandoned in the United States.

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