Castle Ballroom in Bad Shape

Update: The building has now been completely demolishedas of the summer of 2014.

The Castle Ballroom suffered a major collapse of one of its exterior walls during a recent storm, exposing the interior to the elements, which will eventually lead to a death sentence for this important piece of African-American history in St. Louis. It also looks like the Olive facade is spalling off the side of the front, as well.

Now is the time, if you know anyone who could help, to ask them to step in and save this great building. It won’t be around much longer at this rate.

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  1. samizdat says:

    Ugh. It seems we’re seeing a repeat of the Nord St. Louis Turnverein: Neglect, collapse, fire, demolition. Stage II complete. Seems that the current owners forgot a water-tight roof matters.

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