Central Library Atrium Renovations


I went to check out the new atrium and renovations of the Central Library. Initially, I had thought the library was fine as it was, but once I saw how beautifully this palace of books had been restored, I changed my mind.


The sunlit filled atrium, replacing the admittedly interesting closed stacks, opens the library up to the flourishing neighborhood to the north. Almost no one enters from the south, as observed on Saturday, but they come over from Washington Avenue and the lofts.


Woah, check out this funky glass wall on the first floor! Renovations such as this don’t have to be stuffy, or feel the need to transform the visitor back in time. The renovation is modern and looks to the future, while carefully restoring the past greatness of the Cass Gilbert designed main floor.


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  1. samizdat says:

    Upon first entering the old stack area, I was stunned by the volume of space…then I noticed the massive walls of glazed brick!

    The entirety of the renovations are truly astounding. Not just the needed updates and restorations, which are indeed well-done, but all of the little details put into the design. A lot of people had their thinkin’ caps going full blast for this project. This is what pride of place can do for a City.

    Somebody should get an award for this. Truly one of the best reno projects I’ve ever seen.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      I agree.

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