Chautauqua, Forest Park, Shelbyville

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A chautauqua was a meeting place where people would gather to hear lectures and other events. The one in Shelbyville is famous for being in relatively good condition.

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But surprisingly, there seems to be little money to fix it up. It’s sad to see a small town now utilize critical historic resources. This is one of the last ones standing, with its unique design, and the town can find no use for it? Really?

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  1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood says:

    LENGTHY – and very interesting – article describing the building’s interior and construction:
    There is even a Youtube video:

    My late mother used to spend a week or so nearly every year in the ’20s and ’30s at the (still existing!) Chautauqua community North of Alton, off the Great River Road.,_Illinois

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