Checking in on South Compton Avenue and Arsenal Street

Update: Construction actually did not start until the winter of 2023, and was substantially completed by April of that year. The building was finally rebuilt in the spring of 2023.

I’m impressed that work has already started on repairing the damage to the high value corner storefront at the northwest corner of South Compton Avenue and Arsenal Street, which was hit by an out-of-control driver several weeks ago.

The terracotta and brick has been carefully stacked and sorted for reinstallation. Note the square cut-out in the plywood for the front door–that’s where the corner column originally landed! It’s been extricated. But just overnight on Friday, some moron hit the sawhorse which was well out of the right-of-way. While I was photographing the building Saturday morning, idiots continued to blow through the stop signs at the intersection.

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