Chicago and Rock Island Railroad Bridge

Update: Apologies on the low quality image; I photographed a museum display on Arsenal Island. Apparently it’s next to impossible to find a decent photo of this bridge. Before the railroads, there was the Michigan and Illinois Canal, and I looked at one of its locks in November of 2022.

This is the bridge that killed St. Louis’s long term hopes of competing against Chicago, built in 1856 between Davenport, Iowa and Rock Island, Illinois.

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  1. Wow – Thanks, Chris!I'm embarrassed to say I'd never heard of the importance of this bridge to the railroads and the effect it had on the histories of St. Louis and Chicago.For that matter, to the history of Abraham Lincoln as well.Thanks for including the link!

  2. Circle Blue says:

    Great post. Like the previous commenter I didn't know of this piece of history. I am glad to know of it. Thanks.~Keith

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