College Hill, Part 2

Update: The house above is abandoned now as of the winter of 2019 (third photo), if not much earlier. It may very well have been abandoned when this photograph was originally taken in May of 2010.

College Hill really is on a hill, and these views show how high it is. This mansion above is surrounded by nothing but sky, quickly clearing after the storm.

Looking downward, you can see how this street was truncated by the interstate. Below is this tidy row of houses, like you might see in Hyde Park to the south.

This burnout is interesting, as it doesn’t follow the normal flat, box like design of most rowhouses in St. Louis. Perhaps it was an older house in the neighborhood.

This house sits surrounded by overgrown foliage. Elsewhere in America, this exact house could fetch $400K, but here, it rots in obscurity.

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