Compton Hill Reservoir Park, Part 3

Update: I went back and revisited the park in November of 2021.

The Compton Hill Reservoir Park also features several other interesting features. Below, is the ornamental, Italianate staircase that leads up to the reservoir itself. It is inspired by the Villa d’Este in Tivoli, one of my favorite places in Italy.

Below is the highly controversial statue that commemorates German settlement–or something like that–in St. Louis. It was considered very suggestive, even with its title The Truth Laid Bare.

Update: The sculpture actually commemorates German Americans newspapermen and reformers. The missing medallions above have since been recast and replaced.I also wrote an article at St. Louis Magazine about the new images that have been placed inside the tower showing the construction of the edifice. I revisited the sculpture in November of 2021.

People were a little concerned a hundred years ago that the truth wasn’t the only thing being laid bare in the monument.

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