Continued Destruction, St. Augustine’s

More destruction since I documented the ladders and ropes hanging from the roof of St. Augustine.

More sad damage appears on the front; probably due to falling masonry(?) or something, some of the flamboyant Gothic details above the main portal have fallen and smashed below on the steps.

Or did it? There doesn’t seem to be enough rubble under the broken stone or terracotta. Was it stolen?

It looks like someone has broken in the door on the side of the church, above.

And sickeningly, they are now getting the copper from the very peak of the spire.

One thing is for sure, the illegal dumping continues.

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  1. James Woodman says:

    Damn this is bad….one of the nicest buildings on the north side 10 years ago… .

  2. Matt Swearengin says:

    I came across this by accident when I visited in August, but I just had to stop and take pictures. Such a shame.

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