Discovering Shaw, 17: Flad Avenue Between 39th Street and Spring Avenue, North Side

There is a beautiful feature of the “interior” of the Shaw neighborhood; there is but one surface parking lot, and that is at the old Sherman Elementary School. Other than that, every single business, church and school thrives with only street parking.

Heading east from the intersection with 39th Street, there is a mix of four-family apartment buildings, many with matching bays.

Then there is this beautifully restored triplex, each unit with its own stout front porch and projecting turret.

Again, there is another four-family in the same style as the previous one, but then there are more apartment buildings with buff colored brick.

And then, as is common in this part of the neighborhood, there are many pairs of upper middle class houses, with projecting bay windows above the front porch. Clearly built at the same time, the owner probably lived in one and built the other as an investment.

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