Don’t Get Me Started…

Update: The Roberts Tower sat empty for years, but now houses apartments;the plaza is under-utilized on most days.

It would have been so easy to build the Ninth Street Garage north of the Old Post Office and save the Century Building. Heck, what is most annoying is that people would probably be moving into the Century right now–its attached neighbor, the Syndicate Trust is just about renovated. Don’t tell me that the developer wouldn’t have loved to renovate the Century simultaneously with the Syndicate Trust.

But instead, they’re building a stupid plaza that no one will use. The Roberts Brothers still could have had their tower, and a parking garage.

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  1. Seth Teel says:

    Chris, the spot you took a photo of was not where the Century building was. Nor did the Roberts brothers develop the garage that now stands where the Century once stood. The 9th street garage sits just West of the Old Post Office. You can thank these people for destroying the Century to build it:Tom Reeves, Downtown Now; Steve Stogel, DFC Group; Mark Schnuck, Gwen Knight, DESCO Group; Mayor Francis Slay; Kathy Bader, U.S. Bancorp; and Mary Campbell, Bank of America.Regardless of your feelings on the Roberts project, at least it isnt stagnate like the Mercantile Exchange, Skyhouse, and All Pyramid and Saaman projects.

  2. Chris says:

    Sorry, I was a little vague; I’m arguing that they should have built the Ninth Street Garage on the site of the newly constructed plaza, as opposed to demolishing the Century Building for the garage. I agree, the Roberts brothers are innocent in the Century crime.

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