Druid Hill Park, Baltimore


Druid Hill Park sits on the near northwest side of central Baltimore, with its large reservoir dominating the landscape. According to a friend whose grandparents grew up in Baltimore, tens of thousands of families used to sleep in the park on hot summer nights to get away from the heat of the rowhouses. Can anyone imagine people behaving enough–anywhere in America–for this to happen nowadays?

See the massive, overgrown and poorly maintained park from the air here. It is such a gem, and we in St. Louis should be happy at the major renovations that our own Forest Park has received in the last ten years. Druid Hill Park has so much potential.

The park is lined by beautiful, if slightly neglected rowhouses.

For comparison, see Compton Hill Reservoir Park in St. Louis and Eden Park in Cincinnati.

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  1. Judy in Baltimore says:

    There is a major renovation of the lake underway to meet Federal safety requirements. When done, the drinking water will be in underground tanks and the rest of the lake will be used for recreation. There is a weekly farmer’s market in the summer, with yoga, bike rides, concerts and activities for children. This is a well-used park!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      I am happy to hear that, Judy! When I lived in Baltimore, Druid Hill Park was in rough shape.

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