Dryden Avenue, Penrose Neighborhood

I make a lot of discoveries by just scanning around, looking at satellite images. I found another interesting little footnote in the street grid of North St. Louis in the Penrose neighborhood. In between Penrose and Anderson avenues, there is a strip of grass that clearly was intended to be a continuation of Dryden Avenue, intersecting with Bessie Avenue. But there is nothing there.

But as you can see in this plat map from the City, from a legal perspective, Dryden Avenue is still there, even if it was never built south of Bessie. North of Bessie, the land has been given to the adjacent property owners through Ordinance No. 59439, and you can see above that they’ve extended their fences over onto the former right-of-way. I’ve seen this down south on Loughborough Avenue in Princeton Heights, where the City owns a wide right-of-way for a planned widening of the street to four lanes, but it was never done.

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