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  1. Kara says:

    Hey Chris,These are interesting photos of the station. I know you don’t usually write on your blog about your photos, but I really want to know your thoughts on this. Do you like the station? Do you dislike the station? What are your thoughts about it?I find St. Louis metrolink stations to be very interesting. There is so much diversity in the look and feel of them. Some are old and gritty like much of our city, others are sleek and new and clean (but a bit drab). I tend to tie the design of public transit trains and stations to the identity of different cities. When I think of NY, Paris, and London their transit designs come to my mind just after I think about their architecture and streets. Will the look of metrolink start to become linked to the way we identify St. Louis as it becomes more popular?

  2. Chris says:

    Sorry, I’ve been a bit lazy on the commentary front recently–been house sitting.I actually love what they did with the Laclede’s Landing station. The Eads Bridge is a great example of adaptive reuse, including the successful melding of the original bridge approach with the station. It sort of reminds me of ruins in Rome that have later Medieval, Renaissance or Baroque construction built around/on top of them–much in the manner that the station was carefully inserted into the existing bridge. It’s a great way for St. Louis to introduce tourists–and residents–to the city. The rest of the stations are a little bland, unfortunately.

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